Next-Gen Upgrade for Honor is Free, Game Progress Carrying Over

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Of Ubisoft For Honor Coming on the next-gen consoles, boasting 4K resolution for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. On the Xbox Series S, the medieval multiplayer title will target 1080p resolution. Thanks to background compatibility, current-general owners will have access to it For Honor Next-upgrade free. Even better, all progress will be passed on from one generation to the next. PS5 and Xbox Series X. S gamers can take advantage of all of the above when their platform arrives in November.

A press release from Ubisoft confirms that each player’s inventory and purchases will take a generational leap. Players can expect their profiles to be “automatically shared with their next group.” And 4K resolution is not the only technological advancement awaited. Once For Honor The next season will see a drop in early December, with the new console also seeing gameplay running at 60fps.

Other improvements include:

  • Modified water reflections
  • Improved distance level of detail
  • Shadow resolution
  • Improved text filtering

Ubisoft’s two other live-service titles were also recently confirmed for Next-Gen. Rainbow Six Siege On the way to jump, showing 4K performance at 120fps. And Division 2 Background compatibility will be available on new consoles with courtesy.

For Honor Really hit store shelves in early 2017. Since then, the development team has consistently supported the multiplayer experience with free and paid content updates. Year 4 Season 3 Launched last month, launching a brand new story update in the month of Protest.

For Honor PlayStation 4 is now out on digital and retail on PC and Xbox One.

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