Microsoft releases new teaser of Windows 11 ahead of launch

Microsoft releases new teaser of Windows 11 ahead of launch

Just a Few Hours for Your Big Event Where should we announce Windows 11, Microsoft solved Tease viewers with a new teaser on their social networks. The news was posted on Twitter and managed to grab public attention.

As much as the video is somewhat generic and serves only as a kind of invitation, the material once again confirms that today’s event will indeed be marked by the presentation of a new operating system.

A curious point of the video is that it suggests that touch can be a big highlight of the software.

Check out the content below:

For now, the only option left for the most eager fans is to wait for the event to begin. The broadcast will be done on Microsoft’s official YouTube channel, in which Presentation starts at 12 (Brasilia time).

Of course, most of the new features of Windows 11 have already been leaked through ISOs released on the web. So we know that software needs get a new start menu, multiple design refinements and more advanced options for multi-monitor configurations.

Furthermore, a test has already shown that Windows 11 may outperform version 10, something that can please a lot of people who own older PCs. Another important attraction is that update will be free.

Looking forward to the Microsoft event? Tell us your expectations here in the comments.

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