Mid-season update reaches 133.6GB

Mid-season update reaches 133.6GB

Popular shooting game Call of Duty: Warzone This week will receive a mid-season update that will, among other things, reduce the overall size of the facility 10 GB – But first you have to download a big file, about which Is 57,8GB – can reach more than Is 133GB, Depending on the version of the game.

new Season two reloaded Creates a smaller and better file optimized for Warzone, especially for those who have the full version modern war And Warzone, or the free version of COD: Warzone.

This is a significant change for a game, in its full version – including COD: Black Ops Cold WarNo longer fits on PS4 with 500 GB standard HD. Activation explained (via) Eurogamer) That this update will be “larger than normal”, but will only need to be done once. According to the publisher, future updates to the game will be less than this.

Modern Warfare players who wish to continue playing campaigns, multiplayer, and / or special ops must install a customized content pack, which will be available with updates or shortly thereafter”, Informed the publisher.

See the location occupied by Call of Duty: Warzone after updates on each platform:

  • Playstation 5: 10.9 GB (Warzone) / 30.6 GB (Warzone e Modern Warfare)
  • Playstation 4: 10.9 GB (Warzone) / 30.6 GB (Warzone e Modern Warfare)
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 14.2GB (Warzone) / 33.6GB (Warzone e Modern Warfare)
  • Xbox one: 14.2GB (Warzone) / 33.6GB (Warzone e Modern Warfare)
  • PC: 11.8GB (Warzone) / 30.6GB (Warzone e Modern Warfare)

As you can see, it is impossible to remove the warzone from modern warfare. According to the creator Infinity Ward, this is because “all the shared data of weapons / operators / etc required for all game modes is stored”. The only specific data for the warzone is related to the Battle Royal Map.

Below are the sizes of the update files for each version of the game and platform:

COD: Black Ops Cold War:

  • Playstation 5: 12.2 GB
  • Playstation 4: Is 7.4GB
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 14.18 GB
  • Xbox one: 9.13 GB
  • PC: 8.1GB

M Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Playstation 5: 52.0GB
  • Playstation 4: 52.0GB
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: Is 57.8GB
  • Xbox one: Is 57.8GB
  • PC: 52.4GB (Warzone) / 133.6GB (Warzone e Modern Warfare)

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