Millie: CONMEBOL doesn’t like football – 11/28/2021

Millie: CONMEBOL doesn't like football - 11/28/2021

The Libertadores Final is not so much a final as it is a show. In the worst style of the Super Bowl, the attempt to anticipate the event ranges between tragic and difficult, triangulated with ridiculous.

First, a single game played away from the ultimate fans is a distraction. Who Has the Money for Adventure – And we know very well who has the money for this type of adventure these days.

The fan who is close to his team in the final is not the one who usually comes to the stands frequently. This is the kind of crowd that sits and applauds. He sings when the team needs that noise the most and doesn’t go into convulsions.

What kind of game would we have with stadiums full of their fans? Why deprive low-income fans of the most important game of the year? What will this football elite do for the sport?

During the final, when the teams needed the sounds around them the most, what we heard was close to silence. We saw expressions of sadness and despair when the cameras showed expressions.

How would Flamengo have reacted to a crowded Maracan in a trance? And would Palmeiras have been able to solve the problem more quickly inside his packed stadium? We don’t know for sure, but I have some doubts that we would have had a different kind of game if we had kept the two games closer to the fans so that most tickets would be cheaper.

About the show, nothing against Anita – the exact opposite – but emulating what Gringo does, besides being ridiculous, leaves a program full of coolness that’s not our thing. Isn’t it fancy to do something more in line with who we are?

The truth is that football is no longer enough. Nothing is done to make the game more creative, bold, bold. Changes included the way of timing – like European ones – shows that take place before matches, moving the game away from fans, getting on the field together and in line in front of a song registered as the theme of Libertadores. seem. ,

Changes in transmission as well. Today, narrators advertise products in the middle of narration, with the screen shrinking all the time to communicate the advertiser’s message. Palmeiras’ first goal, incidentally, was attacked by a cordial message from a sponsor.

Emotion and enthusiasm are falsely stimulated. From what we see on the field, the narrator’s screams no longer matter. Something fundamental is out of order and if we don’t get our soul back then we love this game that will enter the zombie world. Slightly different zombies because, while gentle, they have the enthusiasm of a Robocop programmed to dance and jump in a disorganized fashion as the world ends around them.

CONMEBOL does not like football. He loves money, profit, power – and if he is to have it all he has to bow down humbly and humbly to what he does in Europe and the United States, so be it.

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