Millions of crabs cross the road during their migration to Australia; watch | World

Millions of crabs cross the road during their migration to Australia;  watch |  World

Millions of red crabs are raiding roads and crossing bridges specially built for them during their annual migration season on Christmas Island, Australia (see above).

Impressive hordes of conch shells emerge from various points on the island and march towards the sea and hold their cry in a phenomenon, which is the biggest tourist attraction on the island.

According to the Department of Horticulture in Australia, migration begins with the first rain of the rainy season. This usually happens in October or November, but sometimes it can happen in late December or January.

Red crabs cross the road towards the sea on Christmas Island, Australia – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram / ParksAustralia

The exact time and speed of migration is determined by the position of the Moon. Red crabs are always born before dawn at a decreasing high tide during the last quarter of the Moon. Experts note that animals get exactly the lunar phase, although it is not known how.

During migration, Parks Department officials have the additional task of trying to prevent the animals from escaping, although many roads are partially or completely blocked for vehicles for hours or days.

Red crabs found on the doors of the Christmas Island Parks Department by staff – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram / ParksAustralia

Still, it is common for residents to find crabs on porches and even on the doors of their homes this season.

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