Mobile games continue to be popular in 2020, but why?

The gaming landscape has improved dramatically in recent times, with technological innovation playing a massive part in its all-round progression. Mobile phone gaming is a testament to that, with its progress in recent times evident thanks to the sophisticated smartphones we now have at our disposal, alongside the ability to play an array of different games.

With more graphically advanced consoles out there, much like the newly released PlayStation 5, mobile phone gaming is still very much hanging in there. In fact, gaming on a phone is more popular than ever before. There continues to be hit release after hit release on the mobile phone gaming scene too, which is why it maintains its dedicated and loyal following, and why it is undoubtedly here to stay.

With so many other gaming consoles offering more advanced games and better graphics, it is baffling to some as to how mobile gaming can continue to compete. Here are a few reasons why it does, though.

Portability factor

The fact everyone has access to a mobile phone and that the games we can download can be opened and closed within a matter of seconds while you get on with your day is a huge selling point for many mobile phone gamers. Console gaming requires a lot more time, effort and dedication, alongside the fact that games tend to be harder too, whereas mobile gaming is the complete opposite. You can fire up a game of roulette like the creation at with ease while you’re on the bus or waiting for an appointment. On top of that, games are fun and designed to be played on the go, which is why they feed perfectly into the all-round mobile phone gaming experience. Certain, perhaps more detailed games just wouldn’t make it onto mobile as they wouldn’t fit. Mobile gaming is portable, the games are easier to grasp on the whole, and as a result, we’ve seen a whole new target audience reached. Even the elderly are gaming now too!

Better titles than ever before

With our modern, technologically advanced world bringing us more powerful mobile phone devices than ever before, the gaming options have improved with it. Our phones can now handle more sophisticated releases, which is why many developers of games are making sure they release mobile games simultaneously with their PC and console versions. Numerous games have made a successful transition over to mobile, like PUBG, Fortnite and Mario Kart. This type of transition will become a more regular occurrence in the future as the overall gaming experience on mobile continues to get better and better. The additional features you can buy, like VR headsets and joysticks for a mobile, make a huge difference too.

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Cheap and free games

Console gaming isn’t cheap. In fact, it can be incredibly expensive at times, especially once you factor in any additional accessories alongside what is already a pricey console and games that certainly aren’t kind on the wallet either. In contrast, mobile games are generally very cheap or completely free, there’s an array of games to access at both AppStore and Google Play, and they’re fun and entertaining to play. Mobile gaming is certainly for everyone, whereas console gaming requires a lot of financial investment, alongside the fact that it’s impossible to sample a variety of games without spending big sums of money. Mobile games can be downloaded, played and deleted within a matter of minutes. Games on a phone are generally easier and more user friendly too, with most releases designed to be picked up and put down as you get on with your day.

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