mobile speaker headphones jbl american investment company electronic goods akp 94 | JBL investment in Maharashtra

mobile speaker headphones jbl american investment company electronic goods akp 94 |  JBL investment in Maharashtra

idea of ​​a project near Pune; 13 thousand job creation

MUMBAI: US-based mobile app JBL is set to invest around Rs 2,000 crore in Maharashtra.

JBL is a leader in manufacturing of electronic goods. In Maharashtra, the company will expand its project in the areas of smartphones, mobile spare parts, home electronics, food and food wrappers.

Industries Minister Subhash Desai discussed JBL’s investment online with company representatives. This project will help in increasing investment. Also, a large number of jobs will be created. Priority will be given to the company like ready shed, land and other facilities,’ Desai explained.

“Maharashtra is ready to give land to JBL at a place of their choice. MIDC is ready to immediately provide 1.50 lakh sq. ft. of well-furnished space for the early start of the project, all the facilities they need like 30 lakh liters of water per day, high voltage power supply to them in respect of the land to the industrial of the state. Various options are also given as per the policy and they can choose the option of their choice. Initially there will be an investment of Rs 2,000 crore, but in the next three to four years this investment will increase to Rs 3,000 crore,’ said the chief executive officer of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. P Anbalagan said.

JBL will expand its project to Ranjangaon or Talegaon in Pune district, where mobile spare parts and other electronics will be manufactured. It is estimated that this will provide employment to 13,000 people. About Rs 2,000 crore will be invested.

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First published on June 19, 2021 at 2:37 am

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