Montreal opened 200 vacancies for professionals in the ICT sector. Universal

Montreal opened 200 vacancies for professionals in the ICT sector.  Universal

Colombians who are interested in continuing their professional careers in Montreal (Canada) and have experience in the field of information technology have an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Thirty companies in the city are looking for qualified talent who want to travel to meet their goals, work and make a change in life.

Interested individuals applying from 17 May to 13 June will be able to participate in the virtual international recruitment event “Journeys Quebec Tech”.

The 200 jobs offered by these companies have a competitive salary and the companies participating in the event will select their candidates, who must have intermediate / advanced level of French and / or English, and conduct virtual interviews between June 14 and 23 Will happen.

Similarly, recruitment companies of the ‘Talent Montreal’ portal will be ready to help selected talent in their migration process to start their new jobs as soon as possible.

Some of the profiles companies are looking for are:

-Developers (fullstack, front-end and back-end) for the following technologies: Java / .NET / C # / Javascript / C ++

-Computer Business Analyst

-Dev ops

-data scientist

-Server Administrator

-Technical Architect

-IT Project Manager

– Specialist in cyber security

-QA Analyst

This discovery of talent has been promoted by the economic promotion agency ‘Montreal International’ through its initiative Talent Montreal in collaboration with the Government of Quebec.

It should be noted that, in recent years, the city of Montreal has managed to establish itself as a leader in information technology and in just ten years, the Quebec metropolis has increased employment in core businesses in the region by ६४% has experienced. Today, it is one of the five North American cities with the highest concentration of technology jobs.

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