More than 7 million unemployed in the US will lose government aid – 06/09/2021

More than 7 million unemployed in the US will lose government aid – 06/09/2021
Washington, September 6 (EFE). More than seven million unemployed in the United States have lost their right to receive benefits from three different federal aid programs, which ended Monday.

The group joins another three million unemployed who no longer receive the US$300 (R$1.55 thousand) per week subsidy paid by the federal government, although they do receive installments of benefits paid by the respective states. Will continue to do

The three programs ending today began about a year and a half ago, when the US Congress approved a stimulus package worth nearly $2 billion (R$10.3 billion in current values).

The initiative was extended in December 2020 and March this year, but no new extension is expected to be approved in the deadline.

With one of these programs, whose benefits were halved last December, the unemployed in the US received $300 a week.

In another, pandemic unemployment aid, aid was offered to self-employed individuals and those with independent contracts, among others. The pandemic unemployment emergency compensation program guaranteed benefits to those who no longer received help from the states.

US President Joe Biden even said last month that states should use federal aid funding to expand programs beyond this Monday, when the country celebrates Labor Day. However, no federal body complied with the appeal.

The end of the programs comes amid progress in the delta version of the new coronavirus, which has increased the number of cases and hospitalizations in the country.

Last month, the US economy created just 235,000 jobs against 1 million created in the previous month, representing the smallest growth since January this year.

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