Mortal Kombat 12 inadvertently revealed in creator photo

Mortal Kombat 12 inadvertently revealed in creator photo

community of mortal Kombat Crazy for the last few days. Not only has the sequel to the reboot of the franchise been confirmed in theaters, but clues have also surfaced about the next title in the series in the games.

of “accidental revelation” Mortal Kombat 12 Created by Jonathan Anderson, the creator Senior at NetherRealm, who posted an “innocent” image on the Internet. can be clearly seen in the picture injustice, the magazine covers about the fight series and even some arcades. But the curious part was hidden in one of the monitors, where you can see a folder called “MK12_Mast…”.

the picture was quickly removed Andersen, but you know how it’s like: Once on the Internet, Forever on the Internet. Fans saved the photo (which you can see more of below) and started digging through it for more details.

Image posted by Netherlands employee may show signs of premature Mk 12Source: Jonathan Anderson / Reproduction

And that’s where the conspiracy theory begins: A lot of people are thinking that this is all part of the plan that has been started to be publicized. next mortal Kombat, this should be come first Injustice 3, After all, it is possible to read part of an email message on the same monitor, saying Include “confidential” information that should not be shared.

At the end of the message, whether genuine or part of a pre-marketing campaign, the text states that Fans of the series “Scramble the Internet” For news and information. Finally, the person asks the recipient to take “extra care with this material”.

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While it’s not exactly confirmed, we have to agree that it’s all, to say the least, pretty suspicious. what do you think official announcement of Mk 12 Is it close or is it all just a misunderstanding?

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