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Farmers have been protesting at the Delhi border since last month against agricultural laws imposed by the central government. The biggest impact of this movement In punjab To be presented. By agitating the farmers Punjab Around 1500 towers of Reliance Jio were targeted in various parts. The surprising thing is that it was a tower owned by Reliance a few months back, but it Mukesh Ambani Has sold to a Canadian company.

Farmers protesting against agricultural laws and their allies are accused of damaging mobile towers. Farmers were earlier accused of targeting Reliance Petrol Pump and Reliance Retail. The biggest beneficial industrialists of the new agricultural laws are Mukesh Ambani And farmers are of the opinion that this will be for Gautam Adani’s companies. Therefore, the resources of these companies are being targeted by farmers. Jio has 9,000 mobile towers in Punjab. Many towers are being cut down. At one point, some people hijacked a generator installed for a mobile tower. Government sources said that 433 mobile towers have been repaired so far. However, the situation has worsened after protesters threatened employees working at the place.

Geo Tower has been sold by Ambani to Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP of Canada. Ambani himself announced this in September. With this, Ambani has received Rs 25,215 crore. With this money Reliance Jio Infratel is going to repay the debt. This means that the farmers who are breaking the understanding that the towers belonged to Ambani were never owned by Brookfield.

Although the tower is no longer Reliance, but it has a system of live. This will damage Reliance’s network if the tower is closed or demolished. Without the tower, the network would not function, which would have some impact on Jio’s revenue. Reliance Jio First takes money and then provides service, so many people have already recharged. Those who have gone out of recharge are more likely to continue recharging because they are unable to recharge or have no limits.

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Web Title: Farmer Protest: Mukesh Ambani sold the business of mobile towers to Brookfield

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