Musk’s SpaceX wins Pentagon award for missile tracking satellites

Musk's SpaceX wins Pentagon award for missile tracking satellites

LONDON: Alan Musk’s SpaceX signed a 14 149 million contract to build a missile-tracking satellite for the Pentagon in the company’s first official contract to build a satellite on Monday (October 5th), the US space development agency (SDA) said. Won.

SpaceX, known for its reusable rockets and astronaut capsules, is increasing satellite production for Starlink, a growing list of hundreds of internet-beaming satellites that Chief Executive Elon Musk hopes will make spaceX Will help fund planned goals.

S.D.A. Under the agreement, SpaceX will use its Starlink assembly plant in Redmond, Washington, to build four satellites equipped with a large-angle infrared missile-tracking sensor supplied by a subcontractor.

Technology company L3 Harris Technologies Inc., formerly Harris Corporation, received 193 193 million to build four more satellites. The satellite is expected to be rolled out by both companies by the fall of 2022.

The awards are part of the first phase of the SDA to purchase satellites to detect and track missiles such as intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that can travel long distances. And are challenging to track and prevent.

SpaceX received US 28 28 million in 2019 from the Air Force for the use of the Starlink satellite network to test encrypted Internet services with several military aircraft, although the Air Force has not ordered its own Starlink satellite.

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