NASA celebrates Hubble-Way with ‘Greater Pumpkins’ galaxies

NASA celebrates Hubble-Way with ‘Greater Pumpkins’ galaxies

The Hubble Space Telescope captured two galaxies in the collision. Their orange color earned them the nickname “Greater Pumpkin”.

NASA, ESA, and W.C. Kiel (University of Alabama)

The This great pumpkin, Charlie Bra .n animated peanut special It may not air on TV this year, but you can look to the universe for your giant pumpkin. Halloween Fix it. The Hubble Space Telescope spied on a pair of galaxies that could pass as a space jack-o-lantern.

Hubble – a joint project of NASA and the European Space Agency – witnessed a frightening spectacle of two galaxies colliding, and reminded NASA of a peanut pumpkin, hence the nickname “Greater Pumpkin”.

“The ‘Great’ is a small thing in this case because the galaxy pair spans 100,000 light years,” he said. NASA said in a statement on Thursday. “The ‘shining’ eyes of the pumpkin are the bright, star-filled cores of each galaxy with extremely black holes.” NASA pointed to the formation of smile-like stars that form curves beneath the pair.

The orange color comes from the red stars. The galaxies, officially named NGC 2292 and NGC 2293, are still in the process of colliding. The pair could form a giant rotating galaxy.

The galaxies are located 120 million light-years from us in the Cannes Major Tarika.

Although the nickname Greater Pumpkin is a good fit, fans The dream before Christmas Probably another famous Halloween character: a strong resemblance to Jack Scalington.

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