NASA finds 180-meter diameter well on Mars

NASA finds 180-meter diameter well on Mars

Mars Reconnaissance (MRO), an investigation by the US space agency NASA launched in 2005 to search for evidence of water in the distant past of Mars, found a well about 180 meters in diameter during its mission through the red planet. The results were published by NASA geophysicist Ross Bayer on Sunday Do blog HiRISE, The telescope instrument that flies on the MRO.

In a photograph cleared by astronomers – the original showed a dark hole -, it is possible to observe two aspects about the place: the “eastern wall and floor of the trench”, which looks like smooth sand and goes to the southeast. And. “

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Researchers will now analyze whether the well is an isolated event or whether it is connected to a network of underground tunnels left by fast-flowing lava channels, such as “skylights” of lava tubes in aerial volcanoes in the United States.

Ancient volcanoes may have left large cavernous lava tubes on the surface of Mars, an old thing. Some scientists also defend that they may be sufficient to house planets in a possible human colony of the red planet.

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