NASA has revealed how it will take humanity back to the moon in 2024

NASA has revealed how it will take humanity back to the moon in 2024

The document describes what kind of scientific tests astronauts have to perform (and the samples they have to collect) when they reach their destination. It also explains the role of the lunar gateway in establishing a permanent presence on the moon, as well as how it will provide the basic necessities of life for astronauts preparing to travel to the lunar surface.

For those who are keeping a close eye on the Artemis program, NASA has added additional details, including a new test that is planned to run during the Artemis II mission. Artemis II will be the first pilot flight of the program and will take astronauts on a lunar flyby. The new test will be “Proximity Performance” to evaluate Orion’s manual handling capabilities and all related hardware and software. It will provide NASA with data that cannot be obtained from ground readings but is required for actual lunar landing missions.

In an introduction he wrote for the document, Brydenstein says:

“Under the Artemis program, humanity will explore areas of the moon that have never been seen before, gathered around strangers, never seen, and impossible once we’re on the moon starting robotically next year. Come back, send astronauts to the surface within four years, and build a long-term presence on the moon by the end of the decade.

I’m proud to share NASA’s Artemis plan – this is how we get to the moon once again. And how do we use the moon as our stepping stone to our next biggest leap, the human discovery of Mars? ”

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