NASA Mars Rover has landed on Mars, Video – NASA – Mars

NASA Mars Rover has landed on Mars, Video - NASA - Mars

Last week, February 18, NASA became a firmer rover Successful landing In the northern hemisphere of Mars. Initially, the space agency showed the first photos from the “Red Planet”, but now has a video of the rover landing.

Footage of this video was captured by multiple cameras on the rover. There are 23 cameras on it. The landing duration of the rover was 7 minutes. This time is called “Seven Minutes of Horror” by NASA.

During this time, the rover entered Mars’ atmosphere, slowed the fall, released a parachute, picked up a landing site and landed on the planet’s surface.

In addition, the rover has two microphones. They should help to hear what Mars sounds like. In this case, the sound of Mars has already been recorded and is available for listening.

Rover’s scientific program is designed for at least two Earth years, but may be extended in the future. Thus, scientists want to study the geology and climate of Mars, its evolution. In addition, the rover will look for traces of ancient life.

We remind, NASA offered all Take a picture Against the backdrop of the landscape of Mars in a special virtual photo booth. To create a picture, all you have to do is upload your photo, select the background, and the system will automatically place it on the “Red Planet”.

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