NASA warned that in the coming days a series of asteroids will go to Earth

NASA warned that in the coming days a series of asteroids will go to Earth

The effects of asteroids on Earth and the Moon nearly tripled at the beginning of the dinosaur’s age, until a massive space collision of rocks wiped them out for good. | Photo: Reference

NASA has warned that a series of asteroids are approaching Earth in the coming days and weeks.

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On February 10, at least four of them passed in front of the Earth, according to data from the Asteroid Watch of the space agency. Among them, 2021 CX, which is the size of a bus (9 m in diameter), approached 1,915,117 kilometers.

Later it was the biggest turn of 2019 YP5, a skyscraper (119 m) of equal size asteroids, whose trajectory passed through a distance of 3,138,221 km from our Earth.

Meanwhile, the 2008 DB, the size of an airplane (23 m), and 2021 CE3, the dimensions of a house (16 m), went 5,021,153 and 7,322,515 kilometers from Earth, respectively.

In addition, the 2021 CU1 asteroid, 6 meters in diameter, is expected to pass 605,118 kilometers this Thursday. After some time, it will follow 2021 CO, 32 meters long, reaching a distance less than that which separates us from the Moon, which is located at a distance of about 385,000 kilometers, and at a distance of about 41,000 km / h.

In addition, NASA warned about the asteroid 2001 FO32, the size of the Golden Gate Bridge, with an estimated diameter of between 0.8 and 1.7 kilometers, which could pass through our planet on March 21 by about 2 million kilometers.

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