NBA Basketball School Coaches Students in Curitiba

NBA Basketball School Coaches Students in Curitiba

Through a partnership with Colegio Positivo, the NBA Basketball School – an initiative to support sports development associated with professional leagues in the United States – begins training Curitiba students.

With this handy, students who play basketball at PEX – Positivo Extracurricular have access to special events such as challenges, camps, differentiated classes and online activities. To practice the game, students wear the official NBA basketball school uniform.

Basketball develops motor coordination and concentration, according to Grupo Positivo, Cao Capra’s school’s sports, culture and events coordinator. “With the partnership, we intend to contribute to the formation of more proactive, responsible and disciplined people, apart from all the benefits that the sport is able to promote”, he added.

about the program

Present in nine countries, NBA Basketball School is a program created by coaches and former basketball players in the United States, including experts and professionals focused on game development. It offers a unique methodology consisting of six academic levels aimed at both the physical and social development of the student. NBA Basketball School uses a skill progression checklist that helps athletes progress through levels of development. Through positive reinforcement, this method develops students consistently in play.

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