NBA stadium named after bitcoin exchange

NBA stadium named after bitcoin exchange

Would you like to name an NBA stadium after yourself? If you have 700 million USD it could be a reality. This was done by bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchange, which acquired the rights to Taples Arena for the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers – now renamed Arena.

There will be a name change this Christmas and Will last the entire 2022 season, after which the contract will terminate (although it can be renewed).

As reported by the official NBA website, Both Exchange and the AEG company, which owns the stadium, are very satisfied with the commercial alliance. According to Chris Marszalek, CEO of, “For years to come, people will remember this moment as the time when cryptocurrencies crossed the gap in the mainstream.”

Marszalek is probably right. For example, CryptoNoticias reports that the FTX exchange will be the sponsor of the next Super Bowl. even in Football And this motoring Professionally, cryptocurrencies have said current. the time is gone when Bitcoin And crypto assets were almost exclusively-exclusive financial and technical tools. geeks, liberal and cyberpunks,

AEG CEO Dan Beckerman also spoke on the commercial agreement. The businessman believes that the alliance is “a perfect combination”. More details:

“ is looking for the most unique brand platforms to make a statement and adopt and we are looking for an innovative and forward-thinking company to help us build a course for the full future of sports and entertainment programs.” are doing.”

Dan Beckerman, CEO of AEG, which owns Staples Arena.

The Staples Center (soon to be the “ Arena”) is home to the LA Lakers and LA Clippers,
NBA Teams. Source: skyfrance ,

The Exchange has already signed an alliance with NBA Stadium and Paris Saint-Germain

Staples Center is One of the largest multipurpose venues in the US city of Los Angeles. In addition to hosting the aforementioned basketball teams, it is the annual venue for the Grammy Awards ceremony.

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The stadium was inaugurated in 1999 and USD 375 million was invested for its construction. It has a capacity to host 20,000 people and also has 160 luxury boxes and 15 suites for events.

This is not the first endorsement deal done by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) football team, as reported by This Medium last September Signed a trade agreement “for many years” and for an amount not specified with the exchange.

As part of that agreement, will be the platform on which the non-fungible tokens of Paris Saint-Germain are traded. Furthermore, according to the information released, part of the contract was paid for by the exchange in its native token, CRO.

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