Need for Speed: Hot Passat Suite Remastered looks almost the same for PC as the 2010 Mo, Le, early comparative performance

Need for Speed: Hot Passat Suite Remastered looks almost the same for PC as the 2010 Mo, Le, early comparative performance

By Sharif Said, Tuesday, October 6, 2020 11:03 GMT

Need for Speed: The Hot Pursuit looks like a major upgrade on a remastered console, but PC players may not see much difference.

Following the leak, EA officially released Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Again on Monday. The Remaster PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch are coming this November, actually bringing some visual upgrades, and in addition to crossplay.

If you’ve been intimidated by the announcement trailer, there’s a good chance you’ve recently seen or played the 2010 PC version, as this is where the upgrade feels most important.

YouTuber Refreshed Compare one another in situations like using the same vehicles, the same missions and the same roads. Although the comparison initially starts with PC Remaster vs. PC Oriel and Xbox original 360 original, it quickly boils down to PC vs. PC.

As the EA said in the announcement, the rest actually bring high-end models into the game, which is most clearly visible on vehicles. Car organizations are now able to display their surroundings more accurately and quickly. The updated light helps to see all those details in the rest, but that’s really about it.

The distance of the draw looks very similar, and everything from the text on the road to the bushes and trees outside the cars looks almost like PC origin. There was also a case where the trees looked pretty bad the rest of the time, although we can bite it into building a growth.

Other important areas for improvement include more complex smoke and rain effects, as well as better anti-aliasing. This may seem like an overall upgrade, but it looks like we’ve got Bernia Paradise Paradise Remastered right around the height level, so that’s where your expectations should be. While we all wait to discover Ninty Gritty of Digital Foundry, you can watch the crowned video above.

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