Nelson Williams Group Vector for Internationalization of Brazilian Companies

Nelson Williams Group Vector for Internationalization of Brazilian Companies
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With globalization and the possibility of entering new markets, Brazilian entrepreneurs began to expand the range of their operations by offering products and services to customers abroad. However, understanding the different cultures, laws, competitions and logistics that guide these markets can be decisive in separating a failed operation from a successful one.

To help entrepreneurs and brands who want to chart the path of business internationalization, markets can rely on the Nelson Williams Group (NWGroup), a triad made up of NW Solukos, Institut Nelson Williams and NW Negocios & Investments, the latter The person is responsible for this. Activity initially focused on three continents (the Americas, Asia and Europe) from 2018.

The group provides advisory services for the formalization of projects in other countries, primarily where they have ongoing operations (China, India, Portugal, the United States, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Peru), in addition to overseas In addition to helping attract players want to invest in Brazil. It also helps to identify suppliers who can contribute to logistics and other aspects of the business.

NW Negócios & Investimentos has already promoted a series of financial roadshows for large Brazilian companies operating in the mining, infrastructure and agribusiness sectors in countries such as Japan, India, the US, Portugal and Chile.

To optimize customer service, Nelson Villains Group intends to open branches in all capitals of Brazil, except for some strategic cities, by the end of 2022. The organization is headquartered in So Paulo and its Brasilia branch is being structured. This, in fact, is one of the differences of the group. The company makes it a point to open its branches to maintain the quality of service made up of local people who understand the regional way of doing business.


The group originated in 2013, when NW Soluções was created, providing extrajudicial debt collection services and developing business-related digital solutions. Today it is headquartered in Campo Grande – MS, with approximately 500 direct employees.

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All three operations were already going well, but each was going its own way. It was then that the vice president of NWGroup, Fernando Cavalcanti, decided to consolidate and formalize the triad as weapons of a single group, better defining the scope and expanding the scope of tasks.

Later, Kaivalkanti began the task of taking the group to different parts of the country. “Providing a personalized service and continuous polishing is essential. We have a performance that primarily considers the specifics and local characteristics of each region”, he explains. “Despite the uncertainties of the pandemic, our plans do not Changed. Right from the start, we noticed and accommodated the necessary changes. The work is still going strong and with great projects like the ones we have already developed”, he adds.

Thus, the Vice President of the NW Group has visited the capitals and cities with a view to structuring the branches of the Group, formally in Brasilia (DF), Porto Alegre (RS), in addition to So Paulo and Campinas (SP). are being prepared. Cuiabá (MT) and Caruaru (PE).

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