Netflix canceled all series in 2022: See full list

Netflix canceled all series in 2022: See full list

It’s been a long time since Netflix remained one of the biggest producers of all time. However, if the service creates multiple chains, most of them end quickly. In 2022, it is no different. Netflix already announced that 5 series has been canceled And won’t be back for new episodes.

It should be noted that last year Netflix also recorded a large number of canceled series, Among them were productions that attracted attention such as Damned, Legacy of Jupiter and Dash e Lily.

In short, Netflix does not disclose the exact reason that led to the closure of its series. However, it is known that most of the productions are finished for the audience. Another reason that drives the service to complete its productions is the high cost. In fact, this is what led to the end of The Last Kingdom.

So, we bring everyone on this list series that was canceled by netflix in 2022, Check if your favorite series is on the list and check this article weekly. Whenever Netflix closes a production, we’ll update it.

Series Canceled by Netflix in 2022 – Quick List

In this topic, you can find a quick list of series that was canceled by netflix in 2022, Below, we reveal the reason the series ended, as well as other series that are at risk. The list is decreasing in the order in which it was canceled.

1- File 81 – Canceled after season 1
2- The Babysitters Club – canceled after season 2
3- Gentefield – Canceled after season 2
4- Cooking with Paris Hilton – canceled after season 1
5- Other Life canceled after season 2

Why were these series canceled by Netflix?

As mentioned above, there are a number of reasons that can lead to a cancellation. However, most of these series have to be closed due to lack of viewers. Some countries are critical of continuing the service, and the lack of success of some titles can lead to the end.

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Another reason is the presence or absence of Netflix’s Top 10. Since the service includes such a metric, it has become a great ally in terms of service renewal. According to some portals including Whats-on-Netflix, for a title to be renewed, it needs to be at least 30 days among the most viewed.

If not, likely series being canceled by netflix Big. Understand why such a series ended.

file 81

The horror series came with a lot of confidence and in fact it has been several days in the top 10 of the service. Produced by James Wan, its cancellation surprised fans, mainly because the series left the story completely open. according to this time limit, Even the makers of the show were shocked.

Above all, why the series fared well in the United States. For a few days, the series dominated the most-watched list in the country, later losing to Ozark. It has been speculated that production costs may weigh on Netflix’s decision to renew the series.

In the series, an archivist is hired to recover damaged videotapes. But he becomes obsessed with solving a mystery involving the missing director and a demonic sect.

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

The Babysitters Club

Rachel Shukert’s teen series premiered in October 2020. The first season had an acceptable reception, being renewed for a second year. Although Chain joined the list Canceled from Netflix in 2022And there will be no third season.

In a statement to Deadline, Frank Smith of Walden Media, which produced the series, said

“We are incredibly grateful for the vision and support of Netflix in bringing the world of The Babysitter Club to life. However, we are saddened by the end of the series. We look forward to future opportunities to share the legacy of NM Martin’s beloved work with new audiences.

No reason was given for the cancellation, but the reason for the low rating was probably. In the series, five friends enter the world of business with a babysitting agency.

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After defying the odds to get a second season, Gentefied could not be renewed for a third season. Its cancellation was made official in January 2022. In Brazil, the series was never exposed or promoted.

In turn, the series also entered the top 10 on Netflix in the United States. Unfortunately, the production did not last 9 days in the rankings. Certainly, this was one of the factors taken into account for the cancellation.

The comedy series tells the story of three Latino cousins ​​who try to keep their grandfather’s dream alive by placing their taco show in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

cooking with paris hilton

There’s no denying that, most Netflix subscribers barely knew the series existed. And look, there was hype. In addition to the socialite, the series also guest-starred Kim Kardashian, Nikki Glaser, Demi Lovato and Lele Pons.

However, even that was not enough and quickly Chain entered the list Canceled by Netflix in 2022, According to information received from Deadline, this series remained in the top 10 for 5 days only on Netflix in Australia. In the United States, the series did not even make it to the rankings.

Ultimately, the reviews were overwhelmingly negative, and some fans accused Paris Hilton of not even knowing how to cook. Another thing is, experts said that there was no reason for Netflix to produce such shows.

Another Life (Other Life)

Another Life is one of the series canceled by Netflix
Image: Disclosure / Netflix

it was never a question why The series has been canceled by NetflixBut, why didn’t it end sooner? However in Brazil, there were many fans who wanted a third season of Another Life.

However, the series was riddled with errors from the start. Critics even noted that the series looked like a poorly made union of other Alien Invasion productions. Before Netflix confirmed the cancellation, Katie Sackhoff informed that the service would not continue with production.

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A fan asked via Twitter:

“Let’s make Netflix run the next pandemic. They don’t allow anything to last three seasons.”

Sackhoff replied:

“Well, that’s not true.”

check out:

Other series at risk

Experts claim that Netflix takes up to 3 months to confirm the renewal of its series. After this period, the series returns only if it is for the final season. Some of the Netflix series below have already passed that period and are, in turn, in serious danger of cancellation.

Of course, it’s likely that you haven’t even heard of some of them. Still, check out the list:

  • Aunt Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun
  • black heat
  • Bruce Brothers
  • letter to the king
  • huge in france
  • hype house
  • from the cold
  • This is Bruno!
  • Live!
  • be with yourself
  • master of none
  • medical police
  • murderville
  • Neo Yoki
  • heaven pd
  • Very intelligent
  • Q-force
  • Ratched
  • sneakerheads
  • chair
  • Dude’s Healing Powers
  • Eliza Schlesinger Sketch Show
  • midnight gospel
  • politician
  • woo killer

Do you know of any of these series? By the way, stay tuned to this list, as some of your favorite series may appear here. That is, if Netflix repeats what we saw last year, the list of canceled series is likely to increase significantly.

So, marathon your favorite series as much as you can, so the service won’t get canceled due to lack of viewers.

So will you miss any of these series?

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