Netflix changes its view of La Casa de Papel and may disappoint fans

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The money heist Comes to an end Netflix In the fifth season. The series is one of the most famous on stage.

Rumors and interviews with the producers indicated that The money heist Can earn derivatives after the end of the main story. However, it seems Netflix He changed his mind and it may take time for this to happen.

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The Express reported an interview with screenwriter Javier Gomez Santander. The writer has been on the show since the first season.

When the story ends, Santander is very determined. At the same time, it does not give good indications about derivatives – unlike what happened before.

“I think the series ends very well with the fifth season. I don’t even think about the derivative. You can’t abandon it, it’s a reality. What if we have a good idea? But this good For consideration, we need time ”, declared the screenwriter.

author of The money heist It is left to understand that this good idea should take time to emerge.

“I’m tired now, the series takes a lot from you. It is very good for you to see it. If I think a derivative would have to be followed, I would say, ‘do it yourself.’ But, I can not say. Maybe in two years. I really love the series, ”Santner concluded.

The Spanish series is already renewed for the fifth and final part. Part five The money heist Continuing with the attack on the Bank of Spain. In the chapters, fans will discover the final destinations of the beloved characters.

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For the final year, the series of Netflix There is more news in the cast. Actor Patrick Made and Miguel Ángel Silvestre from Sense 8, join the story.

Producer belex Pina hinted that one of them could be the new villain. Fans speculated that he could be a new officer, as part four has left many policemen in a bad position.

However, there are indications that the characters have connections with the bandits’ past. On the set, two actors are already shown filming scenes, which appear with flashbacks, with the gang.

Four seasons of The money heist They are in Netflix. The fifth and final year falls in 2021.

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