Netflix Has a Movie for Those Who Cheered for Brazil’s Resa Leal and Skaters

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Following the debut of skateboarding at the 2020 Japan Olympics, Netflix recommended the film One Extreme Skateboarder. The service says that “the story is beautiful” and that fans can continue to cry with emotions already after Raisa Leal, The Fairy’s silver medalist.

Thus, the film becomes a suggestion for those who enjoyed the sport’s first appearance at the Olympic Games. In women’s skateboarding, Brazil also featured Leticia Bufoni and Pamela Rosa.

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For those who are looking to start practicing the sport, a Netflix movie can also serve as an inspiration. The plot follows an Indian girl who becomes a skateboarder and faces obstacles to participate in a competition.

Netflix’s drama sends a similar message to the Olympics, showing that sport has the power to change and unite. Recalling that Brazil won another silver medal in the men’s competition with Calvin Hoefler in Modality.

See below the platform recommendation after Rayssa Leal’s achievement.

The Story of an Extreme Skateboarder

The play is a production from India and the United States of America which brings a very original story. In the plot, a teenager in the hinterland of India discovers a passion for skateboarding and faces many obstacles as she pursues her dream of participating in a competition.

More precisely, the synopsis states: “Follows the story of Prerna (Rachel Gupta), a radical skater, a teenager who lives in rural India and who faithfully follows family traditions.”

“When publicist Jessica (Amy Maghera) comes to the area to learn more about her late father’s childhood, Prerna and other local kids are introduced to skateboarding.”

Determined to help the young children, Jessica begins an uphill battle to build a skate park on the site, finding Prerna a difficult time between conforming to society’s expectations or fulfilling her dream of competing in a national championship. Leaves you with a choice.”

Overall, Uma Skater Radical received a good reception with critics, with an 88% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes so far. This is a very good rating, to say the least.

Just out of curiosity, there’s a lot of controversy these days about A Radical Skater.

Indian skateboarder Asha Gond has accused the filmmakers of relying on her life experience without giving her credit, but insists that the story is fictional and in fact represents the creation of many stories of Indian girls, and Not one in particular.

An Extreme Skateboarder is now available on Netflix.

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