Netflix plans to game in subscription packages in early 2022

Netflix plans to game in subscription packages in early 2022

Netflix announced that it plans to begin offering games on its platform in early 2022. Trade portal has been confirmed bloomberg, Who revealed the hiring of Mike? verdu, Former executive of publisher EA (of titles such as FIFA and Apex), in new role as president of game development streaming.

The company has yet to disclose whether it intends to create its own title or offer the game to third parties. In the latter case, it could clash with Microsoft, which this year has decided to make Game Pass and Xbox cloud streaming central to its growth strategy — which many analysts have called the “Netflix of games.”

The new service must be included in the current subscription package – that is, a single login and a monthly payment will not only provide access to movies And series, but also for games.

This new direction for the company was already revealed in May, when Netflix announced it was looking for an executive for the position that now belongs to Verdu. But even in previous years, she had already ventured into interactive shows that had a good effect, such as the episode “Bandersnatch” of the Black Mirror series.

Since then, she has produced other interactive episodes of established titles such as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Little Boss and You Versus. Wild. And he. Also ordered a traditional game based on the third season of strange things.

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