Netflix shows fraud in selection for universities in trailer for “Operation Varsity Blues”

Netflix shows fraud in selection for universities in trailer for "Operation Varsity Blues"


Chico César returns to the charts with music in the BBB and says Juliet Brazil is unarmed

A few weeks ago after lawyer and makeup artist Juliet Fryre, 57-year-old singer-songwriter Chico Cesar’s song “Deauz Me Proteja” was released by SO Paulo, SP (FOLHAPRESS). , 31, sing tracks on Big Brother Brasil 21. The composer not only celebrated the result, but also assessed that his musical return to the top was symbolic. “I was already very satisfied with this song, because I had recorded it”, Pariba explains, “but the fact that it is now revealed, in the voice of a Paraiba woman, was very symbolic and makes me very happy “. The singer also says that through the song, which is the “tip of the iceberg”, many people can learn more about their careers. “I am very grateful to Juliet,” he says. “Des Me Protect”, which also features Dominghos and Chico’s mother, was born while the musician took a bath to visit Faro. “The song came out in five minutes, without any thought or planning,” he recalls. For her, turning on the shower tap was like “turning the tap on the mind”, and before going out with friends, she called her house answering machine and recorded verses to keep in mind. The song was sung by Juliet in the first week of the program, still in January, and then played on the home playlist when the contestant was in Paredão. As a result, the song was ranked first on Spotify’s Viral 50 Brasil list on February 17. The live version of the same song also appeared on the 47th on the same day. Along with the celebration, the musician’s advisor said at the time that the 2008 album version grew by 5.517% on Spotify, in consolidated figures for a month, while the live version, present in the extras of the album “Estado de Pozia (ao vivo) Is. “, From 2018, a 352% increase over the same period. The figures were confirmed by the streaming platform. On Debar, Chico Caesar’s music also increased after Juliet’s singing on Biko 21. “Des Me Protein” increased 2,200% as of 18 February compared to the previous 30 days. Currently, Chico 54 is in the making of an album with singer Zeca Balero, which will feature compositions from both, all created during the quarantine period. “I wrote a lot during the epidemic, some of 100 songs, 20 of which with Zeca Balero”, the artist says in a telephone interview with Folha D. S. Paulo. In addition, the singer has a tour with 76-year-old composer Geraldo Azivedo, named Vialivoz. The show will pass through the capitals of the Northeast, and may also include performances in the North and Southeast. “We were going to leave early in May of last year”, he says, “Now, we’ll probably go on tour in August, me and Geraldo Azivedo”. Even though he does not consider himself a religious person, the artist says that his music serves to touch people beyond himself. “The songs are much larger than the people who make them,” he explains. Chico wants his music to convey emotions and reaches out to everyone who recognizes himself, “I always try to convey a sense of freedom, that we are free and we are born free”. In her latest album, “O Amore latest um acto Revolutionario” (2019), the singer discovered the freedom to be transmitted in her songs to the tune of the song. He bets on the tracks longer than traditional ones, and says he “wanted to make room for improvisation”. “You can’t talk about freedom without being free. Like a prisoner [nos minutos] Will you feel a sense of freedom? . He says that he has already done more work on Instagram for a few years, but with all the results he receives an avalanche of comments and interactions. “I always make a point to look at each comment and enjoy it”, he says. ; However, the artist says he knows that not everyone is going to start his career after identifying himself with a song, as he may not have identified himself with her. “do ‘, who does crazy things on the street, who dances with a guard as if it were a carnival umbrella”, he jokes. The singer says that he rejects many approaches to government from a personal and artistic point of view. “Whoever denies science, the next step is to deny cultural expression”, he explains. “Because those who want robots and ‘soldiers’ will not be praised. People who promote intimacy, affection. Art brings joy, it raises the question.” Also, for Chico, made by government officials The rulings made the epidemic worse. “The government is an accomplice of the virus, perhaps more dangerous,” he says. For them, a government denies that science and art are becoming an epidemic in themselves. Although his music has returned to the charts due to BBB, Chico Cesare says he doesn’t see the reality, but even he already guarantees his support for Juliet. In addition to the issue of representation, “she shows a more unarmed Brazilian”, and he takes her: “I have, and I will not deny, a fan of Juliet.” He also said that he cannot imagine himself in the show because of the performances and decisions. “I don’t know what will happen about me,” he jokes. For the artist, it should be as limited as it is. Justice done, we should think first, because “the world is already hated so much.”

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