Netflix: The Official Announcement That Customers Weren’t Expecting To See

Netflix spotify

netflix spotify

Netflix continues to surprise everyone with a very interesting decision that targets customers around the world, manages to get the rights to produce a series about on-demand video streaming platform Spotify. You all know what Spotify is, the biggest audio streaming platform on demand, Netflix wants to make a series based on the book Spotify Untold, but we’re not going to be about a documentary, but a story about the creation and development of the platform. are talking about.

Netflix wasn’t the only platform that was interested in producing such a series, so the announcement took many by surprise, but it will be interesting and the story that will be told. Given that Netflix builds everything based on a book and doesn’t use the people who founded the company and now run the company, it remains to be seen how much truth there will be to this series, and in how many scenes. Imagine, as happens in quite a few movies and series.

Netflix: The Official Announcement That Customers Weren’t Expecting To See

netflix spotify serial

Netflix has already listed the new series about Spotify in its platform, it will consist of 6 episodes that will tell the story of the platform until around 2021, and surely there will be a lot more to say. Edwin André is the actor who will play Spotify founder Daniel Eck, the current CEO, while actor Christian Hillborg will play Martin Lorentzon, the other founder of Spotify, Netflix, who is trying to present the platform’s story as accurately as possible. .

Netflix has created a lot of anticipation about the series that it will produce, and most likely it will launch in 2021, and that is because there is a lot of controversy surrounding Spotify. You’ve probably heard over time how Spotify has forced various artists to accept its terms to be a part of its platform, so we should see enough dramatic moments featured in the series that Netflix will soon create.

Netflix hasn’t announced a possible release date for the new series, especially since it hasn’t even started production for it, so we’ll have to be patient until the details emerge.

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