New image of Black Panther released in game

New image of Black Panther released in game

official’s official account marvel’s avengers No Twitter and shared the look of black Panther In play. character will be introduced in detail fight for wakanda, which will bring T’Challa As a playable character. Also, the villain Ulysses Klaw, the sonic claw, will also be part of the conspiracy.

The initial announcement of the expansion came during the event. Square Enix Presents. No information has been released yet regarding the gameplay of the protagonist. hey Tweet The developer at E3 promises to bring more details during the panel, which will take place tomorrow, June 13.

You can see the dress in the image below:

In addition to characters, new maps will come with the expansion. Aside from a jungle, it looks like the game will feature a bit more urban Wakanda, which looked a bit different from what was seen in theaters in previously released material. Watch the original ad video below:

The expansion will arrive later this year, although its exact release date has not yet been disclosed. It is also expected to reveal during this year’s E3.

marvel’s avengers available for Playstation 4, Xbox one, Xbox Series X|S, playstation 5 I pc.

Here are the most anticipated games for E3 2021:

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