New Microsoft Defender Antivirus Launched for PC and Mobile

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hey microsoft defender has just won a version for home users, which comes with a slew of features aimed at bolstering the security of computers and mobile devices. The versions of the novelty launched on Thursday (16) are windows, Android, Mac OS And iOS,

Available exclusively to Microsoft 365 customers in personal and family ways, rescue for individualsAs the program was named, it included antivirus protection and Antiphishing for Devices and Data, according to the developer. It acts as a hub, bringing together all the security offered by the Redmond giant.

The tools provided depend on the system on which the app is installed. In Windows, which has its own built-in antivirus, it acts more like a control panel, through which it is possible to manage the security features on the machine, even with third-party programs.

The features available in the program vary depending on the platform on which it is installed.Source: microsoft/disclosure

On Android, there are Virus protection and file scanning on mobile and tablet. In turn, Apple devices on which Microsoft Defender for Individuals is established now has resources against phishing campaignIn addition to other resources.

Monitor all your devices

One of the highlights of the centralized panel is New version of Defender for home users, Like the business edition, the newly launched app allows you to view the security status of each of your devices in one place, making management easier.

The novelty can also provide real-time alerts on the status of cell phones, tablets, PCs and notebooks, as well as expert tips and tricks, along with actions to stay safe, to prevent attacks from cybercriminals and scammers. can. And for family plan users, device information for all group members appears in the Hub.

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If you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you can download New Microsoft Defender for Individuals in the App Store of your device’s operating system or microsoft website, After installation, you will need to enter your account access credentials.

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