New Netflix series broke big records and overtook The Umbrella Academy

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As previously reported, the hit series Ginny & Georgia on Netflix was looking for a huge record. It is learned that the production achieved the feat.

Forbes was tracking in the United States how long the series would remain in the top 10 of Netflix. It is learned that Ginni and Georgia have reached the 28-day mark.

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With that, the play is the only Netflix series to achieve this incredible feat. The Tigers were 28 days behind the mafia, securing 27 days in first place.

Other programs that were left behind were the popular O Gambito da Raina, Rachad and The Umbrella Academy.

In the same rankings, in addition to mega-popular series like The Umbrella Academy, Ginny and Georgia outperformed shows like The Crown and Cobra Kai. What is known is that only 23 Netflix series have managed to stay in the lead for more than a week in a row.

Considering that new productions are released practically every week, the drama’s feat becomes even more incredible.

The series follows teenager Ginni and her mother Georgia, who move to a small New England town. A young neighbor turns his attention to Guinea, and the owner of a restaurant becomes a Georgia fan.

Unlike many series of genres, Ginny and Georgia do not shy away from controversial topics such as mental health and racism.

The heaviest scenes were created with the help of psychologists, who worked to ensure the highest levels of honesty and truthfulness.

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O elenco de Ginny & Georgia conta com Brian Howe (The Exorcist), Antonia Gentry (Candy Jar), ​​Diesel La Torraca (Little Monsters), Sarah Vasselorg (Degrassi), Jennifer Robertson (Skits Creek), Felix Mallard (Locke & Key) . , Scott Porter (The Good Wife) e Raymond Ablack (Orphan Black).

The first season of Ginny and Georgia is available on Netflix. The same goes for the other series mentioned, such as The Umbrella Academy and The Mafia of Tigers.

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