New season of ‘Jersey Shore’, filmed in a different bubble, sucks snooker

New season of ‘Jersey Shore’, filmed in a different bubble, sucks snooker

Georges is on the verge of an epidemic in the latest season of “Jersey Shore”.

Yes, the reality show that launched a million “cabs harrows” is still on TV, this time without Snooky.

The details are as follows. You know, if you are Were not Instead, he plans to revisit “Bell-Air’s Fresh Prince”.

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Season 4

The main character of the series, Nicole “Snooky” Policy, has announced that she is leaving MTV“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” in 2019 says the show was no longer too much drama / fun and was not able to spend time away from her three children.

The third season, he said, will be his last.

From left: Winnie Guadagnino, Ronnie Titi Ritz-Magro, Paul “DJ Paulie D” Delvechio, Lauren Sorrentino, Dina Nicole Buckner, who in the new season of “Jersey Shore” Is. Family vacation. “MTV

Polizi, 32, who lives and owns Florham Park Snooky shop Boutique in Madison, returned in 2018 with the majority of original art (Sons Sammy “Sweetheart” Giancola) for the “Jersey Noise” revival “Jersey Noise Family Vacation”.

The original series, which depicts the height of Marine Corps, a reality show featuring their terrorists in Miami and Italy, began in 2009 and left MTV in 2012.

‘Jersey Conquer’, but make it a ‘quarantine bubble’

The series of revivals has followed the real cast through marriages, foster care, divorce and imprisonment.

Now: Covid-19.

We were already in the grip of an epidemic when the last season of “Jersey Shore” ended in June.

The fourth season of the show, A. Quarantine “bubble“In a hotel in Nevada – Paul” DJ Polly de “Delvacio” rents out the whole place – starting Thursday.

These new episodes are watching Angelina Larenzira (Nye Pevernick) see the cast pick up after the infamous 2019 East Brunswick wedding speech after which Snooky’s show began to move out (see the series Refresh below).

A weather trailer (see clip above) shows Delvacio wearing a mask while driving a car that looks full … replicas of his cast-in-arms dolls.

This is not the first time that Delvechio has posted a doll … he did the same when Sammy Ginkola refused to take part in the show in 2018. Sammy Guddi became a disbeliever in the first run of the revival series.

Delvechio, Winnie Guadagnino, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Ronnie Ritz-Magro rallied to bring back the rest of the marriage (Paulie and Ronnie already live in Vegas), which brought Langera and her Staten Island Guests commit a lot of offenses at the Roast-Slash-Wedding Speech delivered by Ratan.

Minus Snooky, the rest of the returning class were scored by Lorenzira, Holmdale’s Jenny “JWU” Furley and Jackson’s Dina Nicole Buckner, Ni Cor Cortez. From the trailer, it also looks like Sorerentino’s wife, Lauren, who has been a regular on the show, played a part again, filling in for the missing “meatball”.

What time is the ‘Jersey Shore’ premiere?

Two new back-to-back episodes ofJersey Noise Family Vacation“Premiere at 8pm ET Thursday, November 19 on MTV.

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