15 movies, series and books for those who haven’t made it to the end of the Olympics

Filmes, séries e livros para quem ainda não superou o fim das Olimpíadas
by Amanda Ostreichoe

Unfortunately, the 2020 Summer Olympics comes to an end on this Sunday, 8. But calm down! The Paralympic Games are coming – and you can still satisfy that craving with a variety of sports content spread across movies, series, and books. so what do you think?

In this way, Atrevida has isolated for you 15 titles that have not yet passed the end of this sports festival. Anyway, check it out:


1. “Soul Surfer: Courage to Live”

First on our list is “Soul Surfer,” which follows the story of Bethany Hamilton. The teenager is super talented when it comes to surfing, but everything turns upside down after he loses an arm in a shark attack. Amazingly, with the support of her parents, Bethany decided to return to the sport.

By the way, it’s worth remembering that “Soul Surfer” is available to watch on Prime Video.

2. “Teo Drew”

Then we have “Uncle Drew.” This comedy which released in 2018 not only makes you laugh but is sure to make you watch your favorite basketball stars on the big screen.

In the story, we see Dax, a basketball fan, who decides to coordinate his team. However, after trying to classify his team for the championship, he loses control of the team and sees no way but to form another team. So he hires Uncle Drew, a big name in the game, who has been retiring for years.

Also available on Prime Video is “Soul Surfer”, “Uncle Drew”.

3. “The Story of Gabby Douglas”

Following, we have the audio-visual biography of American gymnast Gabby Douglas. For those who don’t know, in 2012, Douglas became the first African-American gymnast to win two gold medals at the Olympic Games. At that time, she distinguished both individual and team categories. So the film takes us from the beginning of the athlete’s career to his golden moments.

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4. “I, Tonya”

Fourth on our list of presentations for Olympic lovers, we have one especially for those who are already counting down the days to the 2023 Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

Based on a true story, we follow the life of Tony Harding’s former skater. In the 1990s, she was crowned champion of the UK Ice Skating Championship, as well as runner-up at the World Championship. However, that was not the story that catapulted him to stardom.

During the 1994 Olympics, Tonya’s husband and two criminals tried to disable one of the skater’s rivals, breaking her leg.

‘Me, Tonya’ is available on Netflix.

5. “Bronze Medal”

According to the Netflix synopsis, “Bronze Medal” follows the story of a gymnast who won a bronze medal at the Olympics but remains stuck in the past. However, everything changes when she starts training a “new and talented” gymnast.

6. “Space Jam 2”

The first film was released in 1996 with Star Michael Jordan And so, the sequel was expected from 2014. it was in this year lebron james, star of the Los Angeles Lakers, signed with Warner.

So, the “new inheritance”, the son of lebronDome (Cedric Joe) will be kidnapped. So, to save his son, Star enters Warner’s animated world and must play basketball against monsters. His team includes characters from “Looney Tunes”, who were also Jordan’s team in 96.

meanwhile got direction Malcolm D. Lee (“Girls Journey”). The new feature will feature other characters from Warner, such as the Iron Giant (1999), The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo Detective Van, a dragon from “Game of Thrones”, Ze Colmia and Katato, King Kong, and many more!


7. “Spin Out”

Another production for ice skating fans, Netflix’s “Spin Out” series follows Kate Baker, “a figure skater who struggles to balance love, family, and mental health.” Eventually, things turn tense when plans to go to the Olympics take an unexpected turn.

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However, as much as the series is loved, the series was canceled in the first season.

8. “Elite Coach”

In an original Disney+ series, we see Marvin Korn, “a temperamental basketball coach”, according to Synopsis, who, after being fired from his job, accepts a position to coach an elite school’s all-girls team. is forced to. At first, the team doesn’t get along at all, but it’s time to build trust with each other.

9. “Prince of Tennis”

Inspired by a manga – and an anime – “The Prince of Tennis” follows the story of Lu Xia, “on a tennis ace court, at school and in his mission to inspire other tennis players to succeed. Works hard. Team.”

By the way, Chinese live-action is available on Netflix.

10. “Free!”

Starting off our internal sports anime list, we have “Free!” Is. In Japanese Animation, we follow a group of four friends who are great swimmers and compete together since sixth grade. However, after years of separation, they meet again during high school, which doesn’t quite work out as a new rivalry begins between them.

11. “HaiQ!”

Available on Crunchyroll, “HaiQ!” It is already quite famous among manga fans. According to the stage synopsis, we follow the story of “Kageyama”, who is invited to attend a youth training camp. At the same time, Tsukishima is invited to a special training camp for freshmen in Miyagi Prefecture. Hinata panics as she feels she is lagging behind among the newcomers and decides to come to the special training camp in Miyagi Prefecture anyway.“In other words, a lot of volleyball.

In fact, the Brazilian volleyball team has been incorporated into the anime in various ways. who loved

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12. “Yuri on Ice”

Then, on our list of presentations for Olympic lovers, we have another one for fans of winter sports. In “Yuri on Ice”, we follow the story of Japanese skater Yuri Katsuki, who begins to be coached by his idol, Russian Viktor Nikiforov.

By the way, do you want to know about a curiosity? Most of the skaters in the anime are based on actual Olympic skaters, such as Yuzuru Hanyu, who was one of the main inspirations for the main character.


13. “Malibu Reborn” by Taylor Jenkins Reed

First on the list of books is “Malibu Reborn”. The story will follow the story of Nina Riva, who doesn’t exactly like to be the center of attention but ends up on the cover of the newspaper when she ends up with her boyfriend, a professional tennis player. That’s where a big party comes into play in Malibu—and it could change everything about the Reiwa family dynamic.

14. “Tokio 2020” by Annie Forkato

There’s nothing better than reading a book based on the Tokyo Olympics, right? In “Tokio 2020”, we see a book imagined in an ideal world where the 2020 Games took place without the presence of the coronavirus.

We follow the story of Amy Lins, who finds herself in the perfect opportunity to visit Japan while watching the game, her two passions. Amidst so many new things, but a few ghosts from the past, Amy falls in love.

15. “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

Finally, we have a great acquaintance with Saga lovers. We know, the “Hunger Games” isn’t sporty at all, but it’s certainly competitive enough for you to remember the thrill of the Olympics. So, what do you think about this “classic” re-reading of contemporary literature?

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