Top 10 series and movie premieres in April on Netflix

Top 10 series and movie premieres in April on Netflix

In addition to marking the first day of the month of April – known for “lies” -, it also opens a calendar of news on Thursday (1/4) Netflix. Between the series and the movies, there are plenty of great options to watch even on this Holy Week holiday.

Among the series, the main novelty is Shadow and Bones. Based on the work of Leigh Bardugo, the production depicts a war-ravaged world, where orphan Alina Starkov realizes she possesses the power to liberate her country.

Among the films, the most anticipated debut is Escovio Thavo, the comedy with Olivia Spencer and Melissa McDroid. The plot follows two childhood friends who eventually make a pair of superheroines when one of them creates a formula that gives superpowers to normal people.

It does not stop there! There will be some big news between the series and the movies on Netflix in the month of April, and Metros You list ten of them to add to your list and don’t give up.


Heaven and the Snake (2/4) – In the 1970s, ruthless murderer Charles Sobhraj attacked travelers who explore the “hippie trail” of Southeast Asia. Based on actual facts.

Easy Money: Series (7/4) – Ambition, temptation and passion cover the lives of three people in a desperate and sinister quest for wealth.

My Father and Other Shame (4/14) – A Solo father (Jamie Foxx), who owns a cosmetics company, needs to learn how to treat the teenage daughter who moved with him. Directed by Ken Whittingham.

Shadows and bones (4/23) – In a war-ravaged world, orphan Elina Starkov realizes that she has extraordinary powers and becomes the target of dark forces.

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Innocent (4/30) – An accidental crime fills a person’s life with intrigue and murder in this Spanish series. When he finally finds love and freedom, a connection brings back that nightmare

The movies

Thunder squad

Force of Nature (1/4) – When a condominium evacuates due to a storm, police join a group of residents to confront the criminals, who invade the site in search of $ 55 million. Starring Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth.

Cowboy Spirit (2/4) – A rebellious teenager goes to live with her father during the summer and finds a home in a community of black cowboys in Philadelphia, United States. A Ricky Staub film with Idris Elba.

Thunder Squad (9/4) – The two childhood friends reunite and eventually pair up with super heroines, when one of them creates a formula that gives superpowers to the common people. With Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer.

Love and Monsters (4/14) – Seven years after surviving a true apocalypse, the ill-fated Joel (Dylan O’Brien) leaves the underground bunker to try to return to the film with his ex, who is just nominated for an Oscar for better visual effects is.

Radioactive (15/4) – Inspired by a brilliant mind and a great passion, Marie Curie (Rosamond Pike) sets out on a scientific journey with her husband Pierre (Sam Riley). Together, they make a discovery that will change the world.

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