New stations, changed reception: Many radio listeners will have to pay attention from now on

New stations, changed reception: Many radio listeners will have to pay attention from now on

From now on, many radio listeners will have to adjust to changes in station reception, as announced by cable network operator Vodafone. Plus, users in the two federal states can look forward to a number of new channels. We are here to summarize what you currently need to consider.

The background of this is that the cable provider is adopting the transmission standard for ARD radio stations in its cable network, which is now available nationwide. It is about radio reception of stations of state broadcasting corporations such as WDR, NDR, BR, RBB or SWR. Its background is change in satellite provider astra, Astra is responsible for feeding the transmitters to Vodafone.

from July 2021 ARD broadcasts its radio programs on new satellite frequencies, Also, it replaced the audio standard and relies on AAC-LC (Advanced Audio Codec-Low Complexity). This standard requires a lower data rate for the same sound quality. The existing satellite radio offer will expire on December 14, 2021. This means that Vodafone will also have to make a change. Unlike Astra, Vodafone has no transition phase. Vodafone switched to AAC-LC without simulcasting.

Vodafone at Radio: These changes are in reception

To date, few changes have been made to the reception for radio listeners.
To date, few changes have been made to the reception for radio listeners.

Photo: Kristin Close / dpa-tmn

According to Vodafone, modern cable receivers such as GigaTV or Horizon set-top boxes support the new audio standard. Customers getting the Wistron radio (model VT855N) directly from Vodafone received the update directly from Vodafone last week, as announced by the company. These are devices issued by Vodafone and Kabel Deutschland as part of the radio analog switch-off. The former Unitymedia area still has analog radio, so radio reception is still possible here by other means.

Users who have purchased equipment from specialist retailers can get the update using a USB stick with the firmware provided by the manufacturer or by direct download.

New radio stations in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia

From today there are new radio stations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. Antennas NRW and kulthitRADIO in NRW are now available in North Rhine-Westphalia. In Bavaria, Vodafone is feeding new station Rock Enten Bayern, whose program features rock music, heavy metal and exciting podcasts. Antenna NRW and kulthitRADIO in NRW, like so many broadcasters, “the best hits of the past decades”.

Vodafone currently feeds over 350 different radio stations to the cable network. Many of these radio offers can be found throughout Germany, as well as regional and local stations that are mainly available in their region.

There will be another change in the coming months for Horizon Box users in the Unitymedia region. platform is closed,

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