New WhatsApp filter identifies unread conversations

WhatsApp tests new function that could bring many risks

All WhatsApp features are designed to be easy to use, so tasks are simple. The app is used by many companies as an official means of communication. In this case, if a store wants to know whether a customer has seen it or not, it facilitates the service.

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With regard to contact with other contributors, checking when submissions were received or viewed helps to demonstrate in-person availability. Some issues are urgent and if there is a delay, a call can be made and the message serves as a signal.

Message filter doesn’t allow important messages to be missed

If you’re dealing with a serious matter, activating the filter will always keep the chat in evidence of what hasn’t been read. The idea isn’t necessarily to try to notice who is ignoring you, but to observe someone’s availability in an emergency, for example.

The WhatsApp web version is being tested on Android and iOS systems. The configuration will be represented in a button which, when pressed, shows all messages that have not been read yet. There has been no confirmation from Meta on whether the news will actually be announced.

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