Newspaper – 02/17/2022. says Bielsa has no guarantee of stay and Leeds is already evaluating a replacement

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Argentina coach Marcelo Bilsa is in his fourth season at the helm of Leeds United and has created a very positive history at the English club so far. Bilsa was largely responsible for bringing Leeds back to English football’s elite, the Premier League, after a 16-year absence. England’s return to the top division followed the second division title. However, a stay in Bielsa is not guaranteed.

Having signed with the English club until June 2022, the Argentine coach has yet to extend his contract and the Leeds board will also evaluate a possible replacement, according to the English newspaper “The Telegraph”. After a few years of success, Marcelo Bielsa has not been able to make Leeds a hero in the Premier League.

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Based on information from the UK publication, US-born coach Jesse Marsh is the most preferred choice to take over from BLSA. Marsh does not yet have Premier League experience, but is considered a good manager, having found good jobs at clubs in the Red Bull franchise, such as New York Red Bull and RB Salzburg.

Recently, Marsh was selected by the company as coach of RB Leipzig from Germany, but the performance was not positive and he had only eight wins in 21 games in charge of the German team. Currently without a club, the manager may be persuaded to take over Leeds, especially if the club manages to stay in the Premier League.

Marcelo Bielsa’s departure is yet to be finalized and if the board decides, everything will be done with peace and dignity for the Argentine coach. Bielsa, 66, has created a positive history at the club and is respected by fans. Even with an irregular phase, Argentina has a positive current.

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Leeds are currently 15th in the Premier League with 23 points, six more than Norwich, opening the relegation zone of the national competition. Leeds will return to the field next Sunday (20) when they host Manchester United at 11am (GMT) for the 26th round of the Premier League.

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