NFL TV Schedule, Week 4: Best Game, Worst Game, Sleeper Game on Full Slate

NFL TV Schedule, Week 4: Best Game, Worst Game, Sleeper Game on Full Slate

While this slate of games doesn’t match last week’s selection of Power Hatch matches, it does involve a lot of intrigue.

Great game

It would be PatriotsChief Matchup, but we don’t know if that game will happen this week after both squads tested positive for Covid-19. The game is expected to play on Tuesday, but it is a fluid situation.

Instead, let’s move on Buffalo bills Travel to face Las Vegas Raiders. The The bill Defeated yesterday after a wild victory over Rams While last week Raider Fell at 2-1 with losses Patriots. The buffalo seem reasonable, but traveling to Pacific time is never a simple matter. Raider Little Henry Rugs and Brian Edwards, However Hunter Rainfro Impressed last week. Bill could have ended the crush on Las Vegas, but both teams have been fun to watch this season.

Sleeper game

Sunday’s match Indianapolis Colts And Chicago Bears Seems like an important moment for both teams. Loss of 1 a week Jacksonville Jaguars Threw the common people from the scent of Children, Who have shown a major improvement in survival since a season ago and continue to step up with new signal-callers Philip Rivers The other side of the ball. At 2-1, they put themselves in a good position to make the race for the AFC South crown, especially Tennessee Titans Currently a Covid-19 was sidelined during the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Bear Has added at least a reliable 3-0 NFL record, barely managed to overcome the trouble Detroit Lions, New York York Giants, And Atlanta Falcons. But despite the lack of style points, Chicago remained more defensive and eventually left the ghost with Mitch Trubiski. Winning over the Colts will give the beers an air of fairness that is currently lacking.

Worst game

It excels Denver Broncos And New York York JetsBut that game took place on Thursday. Between Sunday’s tilt from the rest of the slate Ravens And Washington football team The likelihood of a visible product seems low. Baltimore suffered a crushing defeat to Kansas City and will try to overcome their frustration with Morbind Washington, a team that can play without a top four. Terry McLaurin.

2020 NFL TV Schedule., Week 4

1 p.m.

Jaguars @ Bangles – CBS
Brown @ Cowboys – FOX
Saints @ The lion – FOX
Ships @ Dolphin – FOX
Chargers @ Bookers – CBS
Ravens Washington – CBS
Cardinal @ Panthers – FOX
Vikings @ Texas – FOX

4: 05/4: 25 p.m.

Giants @ Rams – Fox
Colts @ Bears – CBS
Bill O Raider – CBS

8:20 pm

Eagles @ 49ers – NBC

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