Nintendo Switch is selling like hotcakes again

Nintendo Switch is selling like hotcakes again

As of March 31, Nintendo claims that 20% of households worldwide have a Nintendo Switch.

The PlayStation 5 may be the best-selling console in the first quarter of 2021. It is reasonable to note that the new console has a large number of fans worldwide.

However, it is not meaningful Sony Can swing easily. Since, Nintendo Currently, they have seen an increase in sales of their portable gaming consoles in recent years.

In a recent news release, Nintendo admitted that as of March 31, they stated that currently around 20% of households worldwide already own a switched device.

Engadget (16/5) reports, that means that about 5.8 million switch consoles are circulating worldwide in that quarter. And this number is not an amount that can be underestimated by its competitors.

There are several possible reasons why they may receive an increase in users by quarter. One of them is due to an epidemic, so users are looking for new sources of entertainment.

Not to be forgotten, he also pointed out that the game was Prime Donna with a number of players in that quarter. They say that games like Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit are mostly played around the same time frame.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said, “Region-wise, significant sales growth continues in Asia, and we believe that Europe and the United States still have room for new demand growth keeping in mind the size of the population is.”

But unfortunately, despite pursuing an increase in the number of users, Nintendo admitted that they are currently still constrained by production bottlenecks. Not to be forgotten, he said that sales to Europe were still delayed due to several factors in the region.

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