Nintendo Switch (OLED model) sales kick off in Japan due to delivery constraints – ntower

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) sales kick off in Japan due to delivery constraints – ntower

at the end of last week, on 8 October, appeared different from metroid dread also the latest revision of Nintendo Switch, where did it go OLED model. Unlike the UK (we informed) The start of sales in the Land of the Rising Sun and home of consoles is worrying by comparison.

First week passed according to Japanese video game magazine Famitsu 138,409 copies over the counter. The original model was capable of operating in the same amount of time. 330,637 devices drop. can nintendo switch lite 177,936 sales When it came out in 2019.

This is mainly due to slow production due to the current shortage of components and the consequent precarious delivery situation, which also affects other technical goods. As a result, the high demand cannot be met and dealers start using lottery systems to attract some lucky customers.

it also seems like Nintendo Such an onslaught was not expected and allowed itself to be infected by investors’ general suspicion that the new model would offer little improvement to become a best seller. Because, unlike OLED models, older modifications are still available in plenty. Below is a graph that visually shows Japanese Nintendo Switch sales for the current year. The time axis is divided into calendar weeks.

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Did you count on the success of the Nintendo Switch’s OLED model?

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