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The 2021 season of the professional tennis circuit begins this week and in Brazil Thiago monteiro, 26 years old and currently ranked number 1 and 84 in the country ATP, Who will play the ATP 250 from Delray Beach in the United States, starting on Thursday, already has in mind its main objective: to be the world’s top 50.

Focusing on the rise in rankings, Thiago Monteiro wants to go further in the main tournament this year. The tennis player from Serena said, “My biggest goal for 2021 is to establish myself in the ATP, to go further in this type of tournament, which is a title. There is another great goal closer to the top 50”.

With these new goals, Thiago Monteiro reflected on his pre-season preparation. “The pre-season, due to the circumstances of the world, was a little less than usual, but it was great. I trained at Komandatuba (Bahia), I spent two good weeks in Argentina and, due to the closing of the borders, I closed the finale. Done. Training in Rio de Janeiro. It is now trying to start the year on the right foot and is slowly adapting to this preparation for the Australian Open “, Brazil said.

With a slightly different calendar than other seasons due to the new coronovirus epidemic, Serra’s tennis player will begin its year in the United States and fly to Australia shortly thereafter.

“After Delray, I go to Australia, where we need to be different. Then I have another tournament of the Australian Open and the Australian Open. After Australia the plan is to play in South America in tournaments in Córdoba, Buenos Aires and Santiago. Is. And return to the United States for the Masters 1000 in Miami “, Thiago Monteiro commented, with the tournament already in place by the beginning of April.

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