No one can know Meet the Netflix Thriller Everyone’s Watching

No one can know  Meet the Netflix Thriller Everyone's Watching

One of the productions that grabbed Netflix’s attention no one can know, The series is a very intriguing, suspenseful and engaging thriller, which debuted in the streaming catalog on March 4, has not left the platform’s most-watched ranking.

The series follows the complicated life of character Andy (Bella Heathcote), a young woman who hides a dangerous secret from the hard way of her mother, Laura Oliver (Toni Collette). Meanwhile, she must cross the United States in search of answers as she fights to break out of this living being.

Andy learns that his mother is hiding many secrets (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

series and book

History of no one can know Karin Slaughter’s book of the same name, which was published in August 2018. American author known for writing very interesting detective stories and has sold over 40 million copies. Furthermore, the plot is produced by the same people who are responsible for the series. big little lie And undoBoth from HBO.

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The series takes place in a quiet town in the state of Georgia in the United States. Things take a turn when Andy and Laura are at a restaurant and a man starts shooting at the spot. The matriarch’s reaction is completely unexpected by the daughter, who begins to discover that her mother is not who she thought she was and that her life is at risk.

Laura kept secrets from her daughter for 30 years (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)


trailer of no one can know Introduces us to the lives of Laura and Andy, in which the young woman is puzzled by the secrets hidden over the course of 30 years. Then, the simple life turns into an escape in search of answers and survival. The production also tells the story in a timeline of the past, bringing in a younger version of Laura.

No one knows will there be a second season?

with the success of no one can knowQuestions have been raised about the possibility of a renewal by Netflix. As of now, the streaming platform has not commented on a possible sequel, which is justified by the fact that the series has just been released.

If Netflix does a renewal, the plot’s second season will require an entirely new script, as the book doesn’t have a sequel. However, that won’t be a problem for the greatness of the streaming company’s team.

no one can know Can be seen in eight episodes on Netflix.

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