NRF 2021: US retailer Joe supports Biden’s economic plan

NRF 2021: US retailer Joe supports Biden's economic plan

The National Retail Federation, a federation representing retail in the United States, issued a note on Thursday evening (14), recalling President-Elect Joe Biden’s plan to combat coronovirus and encourage the country’s economic recovery. was done.

The “American Rescue Plan”, as it was called, focuses on helping families and businesses pay for a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package to combat the Kovid-19 epidemic. Details were also presented by Biden on Thursday.

“The incentive scheme released is broad in scope, but serves as an encouraging sign that the new administration intends to take prompt action to support companies and consumers. Jobs have been lost, deals have closed and our economy is experiencing difficulties. In a note we support the provision of government assistance in the form of direct payments to CEOs and families whose lives have been affected, helping more for small businesses across the country and keeping businesses open and helping the economy grow. For, ”the CEO said in a note. NRF, from Matthew She.

He said that the unit is working with the transition team of the new government. “There is a lot of work to be done and retail is playing an invaluable role in helping many citizens get vaccinated as quickly and safely as possible,” he said. In our discussions with Biden’s transition team and congressional leaders, there is a consensus in the recognition that we must all work together to overcome the challenges brought by Kovid-19. “

This week and next, promotes the first part of NRF Big retail showLargest retail event in the world, 100% virtual. The event has full coverage of Mercado & Consumero. The second part is expected in June.

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