NXT Takeover: Time Games Recap and Reaction – Many

NXT Takeover: Time Games Recap and Reaction - Many

NXT Takeover: Time Games The Capital Wrestling Center (CWC) in Orlando, Florida, fell into our lives last night (December 6). You can find all the results here on the live blog.

Undisputed ERA Def. Kings of NXT in Time Games

The War Games opened and the Men’s War Games closed the show.

The men had a fun match. It went with a fake fence about 45 minutes long which extended the match to another part which felt like King’s return. But they were somewhat close and the last 10 minutes of the match were probably the best part.

Undisputed ERA after a fight with Puck McAfee and the crew. The match allowed Pat to hit his spots – a moon by a table, a half-way across the ring by a separate table thrown from the top turnbuckle, a siden from the top of the Wargames – while experienced professionals took up space. Between allowed to fill. With his excellent heel attitude, he proved to be an asset of NXT again.

ERA Got a moment when they were able to separate Makafi and go to town on him (something that would sting him in the ass as it would allow the other three members of his team to fix and extend the match) ). It was the moment we needed, even if it didn’t end. Pat needed to get all his hubris and all his plans. Hell, he also had four tables, each with the name of an IRA member, marking that table for their destruction. Roddy passed by, but McPhee passed through O’Reilly that evening.

In the end the unbeliever won, Cal O’Reilly took a turn looking at Vanya Lorken, perhaps making him Ira’s top boy instead of the next one.

So that’s all good. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

This was not a match error. This was a by-product of playing the game twice on the card. And unlike last year, NXT didn’t book a single match to separate the two. (Last year, it was Ratan’s big heel turn that took 4 runs in 2 handicap matches, which was very different from the men’s match.) The men played them less chaos, and the heat between the teams It was very hot, but it was still not enough to make them feel unique.

Unlike many other trick games, time games are designed for the long haul. The entry period itself takes 30 minutes. The match doesn’t officially start for half an hour. And because they had three more matches instead of two, matches that ranged from good to good, it was easy for the men to get tired until the fight was over.

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Certainly some people enjoyed two fun time games in one night. But for me this year, having two means diverting attention from the other. I would have praised either game as the only major event. Two people kicked me out of the Wara Games.

Team Candice (Candice Lare, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez, and Tony Storm) Def. Team Shotzi (Shotzi Blackheart, Io Shirai, Rhea Ripley, and Amber Moon)

Because it was the opening match, it didn’t hurt to have a second game on the card. Which made me appreciate it a little more.

These were war games created entirely by books, with the benefit of the individual outside of Babyfaces. He used the Babyface advantage to show off Raquel Gonzalez and later, however, edged the heel again when Candice Lere’s team prevented Io Shiri from entering the ring.

It was a creative way to make sure that good cheeks weren’t easy. Raquel stopped Io Shirai (the last member of the Shatzi Blackhart team to enter) from entering the ring through the front door. Hurricane Tony used that belt to help keep the door closed. Because of this, and an attack from Indy Heartwell, Lara entered the ring before Io, giving the heel a 4 and 3 advantage anyway.

It all led to an amusement park where Io Shiri climbed on the bench, put a dustbin on his head, and threw the coffin into the ring in the crowd.

The rest of the match was a sequence of different wild clicks, but there was no significant flow. It was chaotic, to be fair, that’s what Wargames is all about. There was no hatred in teams like men’s matches in the night, but it was not enjoyable.

The villains won the match when Gonzalez surrounded Sherry by a ladder, beating him and his team 1-2-2. This definitely sets him up as Io’s next challenge. Meanwhile, Shotzi Blackhart could still fight the LRA, with none of them a factor in the elimination. And Amber Moon could try to get her revenge from Hurricane Tony for cheating on her last week.

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Johnny Gargano Def. Leon Ruff (C) and Damien Priestry to win the North American title

Overall, it was a fun match that I finally started to lose.

The most compelling story of this match, and this argument was Leon Ruff’s insistence that he is more than a joke or a flu. Despite her insistence, Damien Priestess actually refused to see her.

It played in this competition. Infam’s archer was actually reluctant to go after the North American champion. At one point, Ruff went for a dive on the prince outside the ring and Damien grabbed him, gently lowering him. This upset Ruff, who had soaked Priest. This provoked the Goth quarrel, who gave the little man the edge of a razor and sent the fans away in a plex glass. His actions immediately filled him with remorse, and in this way, he was still not giving Ruff his due.

Leon was taken by medical staff but then returned to try to show the two men what he wanted to be here. At this point, Preston will fight the champion, but his heart is still not in it.

This story will take back Johnny and his mysterious ghostfaces, and that’s when the match gets a little bit of track. Because Gargano didn’t have just one or two masked men, as shown on Wednesday. He was six.

This is overkill. Especially when we are only months away from seeing the group of masked losers on the main roster in the same situation. And it’s not true that NXT has to be booked with WWE in mind, but they are still for all the fans who overlap.

Although it didn’t come as a lot of cheek mask retribution (I didn’t) Come with him And given how ironic it is, I don’t need credit), it doesn’t cost much to get Damien out of six boys. There’s nothing they can’t achieve with just one or two, especially if the future Gargano isn’t stable. Because why would Johnny suddenly stop using six boys if he had six.

Only one person took off his mask. He was revealed as Stin Thierry, something most people would have predicted. We will decide this angle to see how the theory matches Johnny and whether there will be revelations from other members of the new North American champions.

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Tomaso Simpa Def. Timothy Thatcher

Tomaso Sienpa survived a battle with Timothy Thatcher.

These men were treating each other cruelly. Thatcher targeted Tomaso’s throat and throat, threatening to injure her career. Simpa also meant. At one point, he noticed that Tim’s ear was bleeding so he left the inverted chinlock, twisted his fist repeatedly in his ear, and then closed the deposit back inside.

These men continued to punish each other. The battle made its way to the ring apron. For the first time, Tim pulled Tom’s neck into the first rope – a cruel trick. The next fight ended there, it was Simpa who delivered the pump kick, the chops and then his willow bell finisher.

The match was really entertaining. But again, we have a “close but not enough” moment for Thatcher. There are only so many times when a wrestler can cover a distance without winning a big fight before we realize he can’t finish it. This stops them from doing anything.

NXT is good at getting people where they need to be so Tim will be fine as long as he wants to be.

Dexter Loomis D.F. Cameron Grimes in a strap match

It was a good match, but it was a fight that should have ended Halloween Disaster.

Like that fight, this match probably went a long way. It wasn’t bad. There were moments of it. Cameron Grimes shrugged when he insisted that they only bring his belt, not the official band to make his opponent a cheap shot. The match ended correctly, with Loomis submitting to the Grimes. But it felt too long in the middle for the quarrel which welcomed it.

It’s time to dump her and move on. He deserves the North American title shot. Although I’m not sure how much I would like to see him fight Gargano, there is another short heel like Grimes. I would prefer him to face someone like Damien Princeti to watch some big friends clash.

It was a solid performance, but one that I felt was not thematically matched enough to distinguish them as the two standard game games matched. The North American title match was intense, but they all over-booked the final with Ghostface. Thatcher / Simpa was really good. Looms / Grimes were fine, but not necessarily.

Grade: B-

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