On busy days, SpaceX will set another milestone with the Starlink launch

On busy days, SpaceX will set another milestone with the Starlink launch

The Falcon 9 launch typically carries about 60 Starlink satellites.


SpaceX is set to launch its 16th batch of Starlink broadband satellites on Saturday, looking to be a busy day for Elon Musk’s company.

Promoting a new set of rotating routers has become a routine part of SpaceX as it works. Build a mega-date
With thousands of individual satellites in a low-lying Earth. But this mission puts some wings in Musk’s cap.

The first phase of the Falcon 9 rocket is set to make its seventh flight, a record for rocket recycling for the company. The booster previously flew over a pair of four Starlink missions and a large pair of satellite launches.

SpaceX will likely try to land a booster on a droneship in the Atlantic soon after launch and try to catch the two corners of the nose or attach them to ships.

It all comes 10 hours after SpaceX announced another major launch on the other side of the country. On Saturday morning, another Falcon 9 will take off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, with the new NASA / European Space Agency Sentinel 6 Michael Freich satellite designed to raise global sea levels and improve weather forecasts.

The launch is currently scheduled for 9:17 a.m. PT and you can find out More information about the mission In our previous coverage.

Starlink’s launch on Saturday evening is scheduled for Saturday at 7:17 p.m. PT (10:17 pm ET). You can see the whole thing here. We will include a live broadcast in this post once it becomes available.

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