On PS5, the PS4 version performs better

On PS5, the PS4 version performs better

Through an analysis by Digital Foundry, it was confirmed that the PS4 version elden ring Performance on PS5 is improved through backward compatibility. According to experts, the title is able to run more “smoothly” than the version made for the game. playstation 5,

The study was done after reports shared by analysts and netizens indicated that the game has frame rate optimization issues on the new generation consoles. Performance tests pointed to difficulties keeping 60 FPS steady, even when Display Mode was enabled.

According to Digital Foundry, there are strong indications that failure largely occurs only in native next-generation versions. that’s because the media PS4When installed on the PS5 via backwards compatibility, “smooth 60 FPS” is provided, while Sony’s latest console offers between 45 and 60 FPS.


Last Thursday (24), the game received patch 1.02 For controls, balances and bug fixes, but the framerate drop still remains. Elden Ring is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

elden ring beyond faults

Despite the problems, Elden Ring is receiving very positive reviews and reaching records on particular sites. Whereas FromSoftware’s title is a . Is Note 97 on MetacriticThis marks Opencritic as the highest rated game in the history of the page. Click here To know more about this.

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