One UI 12 with Android 4.0! Beta version may be released by Samsung next week

One UI 12 with Android 4.0!  Beta version may be released by Samsung next week

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We are seeing more and more details about One UI 4.0. Recently the codename of the next version of the Samsung system has already been leaked and today a well-known source among leakers indicates that the update to the new version may arrive sooner than expected: in the beta version next week!

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This information comes from leaker Ice Universe, who published a post on the Chinese social network Weibo, where they say:

One UI 4.0 will start shipping next week.

While we know that Samsung is trying to speed up the pace of its updates, don’t expect it to release a new version of its interface anytime soon.

This is because rumors are already indicating that Samsung is developing a new version based on Android 21 for the Galaxy S12 line, although it is expected that Update comes in late 2021 only in stable versionAfter all, even Google hasn’t announced a stable version of its latest system.

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Therefore, we can assume that the leaker is referring to a new phase of testing of One UI 4.0, which could cover more devices beyond the Galaxy S21 line or perhaps a beta version for developers, which is highly unlikely. .

While the public wants to know more information about One UI on Samsung’s new Folding, the company continues to develop the next major version of the interface. According to the folks at Sammobile, Update Android 12 . will be given together with.

This week, a new leak brought out the internal codename that Samsung uses to define One UI 4.0. A screenshot posted on Korean social media shows that The interface is being called “Palette”.

Currently, One UI 4.0 is in internal testing on the Galaxy S21 lineup. The software is completely based on Android 12 and can bring many significant improvements.

look below:

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Although the leak only points to a codename, sources working with Samsung said that this is directly related to what the company wants to do in One UI 4.0: a big change.

As the brand’s next release is supposed to be a major version update, Samsung is studying to further refine the look of the interface. It should also get a number of new features it won’t make into version 3.5 of the foldable.

Remember that Samsung too One UI may announce some details of 4.0 at its next conference, but the company doesn’t expect to release an open beta until mid-November or December. This update should only be made available to the general public in mid-December or early 2022.

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