One wallet goes from $6,594 to an astronomical amount of $15,103,046 after eight years of sleep

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a wallet of Bitcoin There are millions of dollars in bitcoin woke up from his sleep, For some reason the purse hasn’t been used for years.

The portfolio currently has $15 million in . Is B T c, and it is not known who owns this account and why it was reactivated on Tuesday.

Wallet holds 321 BTC. The value of this amount after eight years increased from $6,594 to an astronomical amount of $15,103,046That is, approximately 2,300 times the funds contained in the portfolio.

In recent months, several inactive bitcoin wallets from 2011 to 2013 have been reactivated, each containing tens of millions of dollars in bitcoin. On September 19, the owner of an inactive bitcoin wallet emptied his account and transferred 616 BTC to different accounts.

Old dormant wallets from the early days of bitcoin are being reactivated with large amounts of cryptocurrency. Early investors who contributed a few hundred dollars and held onto their shares have become BTC whales, and the value continues to rise.

Another bitcoin wallet woke up in January after sleeping since June 2010. The wallet held $5 million in BTC. Another account in June 2021 bitcoin whale Was activated with 900 BTC. On Sunday, another dormant address containing 235 BTC was reactivated after nine years. An inactive address containing 225 BTC was activated on Thursday after nearly eight and a half years.

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