Only 15 cases of Kovid after pilot trials in England with 60,000 people

Only 15 cases of Kovid after pilot trials in England with 60,000 people

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday (21) that as part of several pilot trials conducted by the British government, only 15 of the 60,000 who participated in collective groups without social distance or masks were infected with Kovid-19. Huh.

Looking for ways to re-enable mass events this summer after a sharp reduction in coronovirus cases, a Boris Johnson executive authorized that nine major events be held without viral measures.

Three football matches (21,000 people) at Wembley Stadium, the Brit Awards ceremony at London’s O2 Arena (4,000 people), billiards World Cup finals and various events in Liverpool – including a party with 3,000 people and a concert – took place in Pilots participated. Experience.

All participants would be required to show a negative test done 24 hours before the event, some of which did not even require a mask or social distance.

After each pilot test, participants were also required to perform a PCR virus detection test.

Of those 60,000 people, only 15 tested positive for Kovid-19. According to the latest official figures, the figure is in line with the current infection rate among the British population, which is 22 per 100,000 people.

“These pilot projects were scientifically designed and supervised to reduce the risk of transmission,” commented the Ministry of Health, to ensure that “all contacts are located after a positive diagnosis” Was “working closely with the tracking system” to do.

The country most affected by the epidemic in Europe, with around 128,000 deaths, the United Kingdom has recorded a significant improvement in its health status thanks to a long winter imprisonment and an energetic vaccination campaign.

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Since Monday, when England took a new step in its progressive deflation, cultural establishments and stadiums have been able to receive up to 1,000 spectators inside and 4,000 spectators, but have always respected hygiene standards.

The government plans to remove the latest sanctions on 21 June, but the progress of the so-called ‘Indian strain’ of coronovirus, which is more contagious, worries authorities, who may postpone this total reopening.

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