Oxford United ‘uncomfortable facing crew after Covid case’

Oxford United ‘uncomfortable facing crew after Covid case’

John Mosinho acknowledged that the decision was a relief if Oxford United’s game with Creve Alexandra was not left to him.

Guests at Kasam Stadium informed their opponents of a positive coronavirus test upon their arrival.

Rumors spread quickly in U’s dressing room, but the game was not officially called until half an hour before the kick-off after a decision was made by a Cricket official.

It was welcomed by the players.

Mosinho said: “Nobody knew what was going on for a while.

“Thankfully, in the end it got out of our hands, because some players were uncomfortable with the idea of ​​playing and I have full sympathy.

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“The crew was getting off the bus yesterday.

“They were in the same hotel, but again this morning, they went to the changing room.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Obviously we’re eager to play, but it doesn’t seem right to do so on purpose.”

The United club captain said his main belief was that he believed Crew knew of the positive results several hours before he arrived on the field.

However, he was surprised that it took so long to officially close the game.

He said: “I don’t think the player got a positive result at 2pm when we were told.

“I think it was before and we are not particularly happy about it.

“We’re glad it came out, but I don’t think it’s special.”

He added: “It seemed like the smartest option was to shut it down and think about what you want to do next.

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“Whether you lose the game or reorganize, it can be dealt with in the next two weeks. Why the debate?

“The EFL will have to get the protocol in place to sort it out.

“At the stage of getting a positive test, call it that. The kids were uncomfortable playing.”

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