Oxford vaccine test in children for the first time

Oxford vaccine test in children for the first time


In search of the Libertadores, the Corinthians may hinder Flamengo in the Battle of the National Bi

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – The schedule for the Brazilian Championship is a game with events in the three main Battle Arenas of the table in Rio de Janeiro this Sunday (14th) at around 4pm. The fight for the title, the fight for the remaining spots in the Copa Libertadores and the flight from the charge will be directly affected by the Flamengo x Corinthians and Vasco x Internationals. Inter and Flamengo are the top two and great contenders for the trophy. Club Alvinegro started the round – 36th out of 38 overall – closing the classification zone in the main South American tournament in eighth place. Vasco, in the 17th, opens the group of the final four and paddles to avoid another participation in Serie B. This sequence may be better consolidated or significantly modified after a journey of great importance in the final stretch of the season. Flamengo’s athletes are well aware of this, seeing the possibility of successfully defending the 2019 title even in a fluctuating campaign. Only one point behind Inter, they will face the Corinthians, ready to take first place, in Maracana. Put minimum pressure on the leader. Rogerio Seni, who has had several pairings with club Alvingro in his days as the goalkeeper of São Paulo, hopes to outlast the old rival to see his opponent close to his first national title as a coach. “Each game is a final,” said midfielder Arsaketa, repeating everything he heard from the captain. “No team is far ahead of the others. Our focus is to defeat the Corinthians and make the best of the last three matches. These are moments when we can’t bluntly.” The opponent wins another battle, but he views the confrontation with much greater significance. The Parque São Jorge team began the weekend, designed as a contention for the final spot in the Libertadores, but with several competitors: Red Bull Bragantino, Athletico-PR, Santos, Serra and Atlético-Go. To stay ahead of these opponents, the Corinthians need to be very different from the performance they recorded in the first round clash with Flamengo. On this occasion, at Itkera, at the beginning of coach Wagner Mancini’s work, the team took 5 to 1 of the Rio team at the time, directed by Dominek Torrent. He said, “It was just my second game. They had another coach. It was another moment. We learned lessons from all the games. Certainly after that game, we sat down and analyzed some situations. Since then we have Ways to make the team found. And stronger, “said Mancini. Vasu plays in Sao Januirio in battle for another important title at Vasu Decision, Vasco and Inter, but not only for the top band in the table. In the middle of the week Defeated 3–0 by Fortaleza, Vasco found himself in the ascended zone and with the mission to face first place. The objection was evident after a stiff defeat, something Wanderley Luxemburg tried to fight. “Proposal team to Serie A. To keep in It is not over. We need to know that it is not over. If we keep this in mind, we will be able to put Vasco in Serie A. If we think we said that it has already been canceled, no, it will not be done to enter the area either. Cruzmaltina would face an opponent at another level in the formation classification, but was also shaken by a tough defeat. After a sequence in which he amassed nine wins and a draw in Brazil, Inter lost at home in the game, threatening to stick to the other. It was a sport that could bring the trophy very close. Coach Abel Braga said, “We never consider ourselves champions. We never think we guarantee championships. But don’t forget that we are still leaders. Inter depends on you. It depends on someone else. Does not depend. ” The problem is that Flamengo also does not depend on anyone else. In the 37th round of Brazil next weekend, there will be an all-out confrontation between Rubro-Blax and Colrados in Maracoma. Before that, they try to focus on the Corinthians and Vasco. Stadium: Maracana, Rio de Janeiro Time: 16th Referee: Rafael Tracy (SC) Flamengo Hugo Souza; Isla, Rodrigo Cao, Gustavo Heinrich (Diego Ribas) and Philippe Luiz; William Arco, Gerson, Everton Ribeiro and Arsaketa; Bruno Heinrich and Gabriel. T.: Rogerio Kenny Corinthians Chaosio; Fagner, Bruno Méndez (Jamerson), Gill and Fabio Santos; Xavier, Kentillo, Gustavo Mosquito, Cazares (Aros) and Otero; Layo Natal (Joe). T.: Wagner Mancini

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